Willow Blue is a family-owned cricket forestry business in the Yarra Valley specializing in growing and processing English Willow for Accredited Bat Makers. 

Our main supply of timber comes from our Yarra Valley A.C. MacLaren Plantation planted and maintained under compliance & Planting regulations.

Ian Callen wishes to thank the following people for their encouragement and support along the way: 

The Late Sir Donald Bradman #124

The late Richie Benaud OBE #190

Mr. Neil Harvey#178

Mr. Arthur Morris #171

The Late Mr. Keith Miller #168

Mr. Dennis Lillee #254

Mr Jim Higgs #295

The Late David Hookes #276

Mr. Rodney Hogg #297

Mr. Geoff Lawson #309

Mr. Greg Matthews #322

Mr. Jeff Moss #305

The late Phillip Hughes #408

Mr. Michael O'Sullivan

Mr. Doug Ackerly

Dr. David Flinn & Mr Ross Bickford

Lloyd and Norma Callen, and of course his beautiful wife Susan.

Willow Blue look forward to working with our next generation of growers and bat makers as the projects develops into the future.

Here is a cool ABC article on willow blue-