Vandal offers custom repairs to your loved and used pieces. 


Re-grip  |  $10.00
If you want a re-grip send us your bat and we will put a new one on. With the grip of your choice 

Shoe goo application   |  $15.00
Shoe goo is a favorite here at Vandal Cricket. We will apply this on the toe of your bat to protect it from water damage.



Face clean  |  $30.00
Want a new looking bat for the season? Or do you have a few surface cracks that need sanding down, then this is for you. All we ask is that you remove any face and edge protection, to speed up the process.

Full bat   |  $39.00



Face, toe and edge cracks  |  $50.00
Don't worry, just because your bat has a crack it does not mean its time to replace that favorite bat. Most cracks can be fixed giving you many more years of playing.

Shoulder / Handel cracks  |  $70.00
This is a harder one. If you have cracks in your bat's shoulders or handle it can sometimes not be fixed. But in our experience 50% of the time it can be repaired. 



Re binding   |  $25.00
If the binding on your bat's handle comes off or gets loose we can rebind it for you

Handle replacement  |  $80.00
If your handle cracks, splits or comes loose there is a good chance that your bat can be fixed. We will happily replace your handle with one of our top-quality new cane handles. We will need the bat for a couple of days as we need to cut out the old handle, shape a new one to fit and then glue it, bind it and clamp it tightly in place. 


Not all damage is repairable. However, we are happy to look at your damaged bat either in person or via a good resolution photo. So send us an email.