Blocks of Wood




Every vandal bat that you purchase has been made by hand from cleft to crease in our workshop.


Once the willow tree has matured enough, it will be cut down then split into clefts and dried. The clefts are then graded ready to begin the journey to becoming a handmade cricket bat.​


Shaping and balancing. 

This is where your bat really takes shape. Prior to starting we interview you, talk about your batting style and discuss your past and favorite bats. We have a saying in the workshop ''its easier to take wood off than to put it back on''. One wrong cut and the bat can be ruined. That's where the training and craftsmanship come in. Every bat is different, depending on the cleft chosen, the edges desired, the finished weight and the volume and height of the spine.


Fitting the handle. 

This is possibly the most important step to making a cricket bat that will last. We spend a lot of time fitting your handle. Each handle is spliced especially for the bat. Getting the right fit is key to a well balanced and long-lasting cricket bat. 


The sanding is one of the longest stages. We hand sand your bat with from  5 to 8 different grades of sandpaper. Once this is done we apply binding to your handle,fit a grip of your choice and apply the distinctive Vandal and Willow Blue stickers.